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updated: 3/25/06

       LT1 into a V6 F-body '93 - '97   Parts needed:

         LT1 and V8 Transmission (none of the F-body
                V6 Transmissions will work behind the V8)
            V8 Front Suspension Crossmember       
                   (Each engine had different motor mount holes)
            Engine compartment wiring harness     
                 (different from the engine wiring harness)
            Dual fan setup '93-'95                         
            V8 Exhaust System
            V8 Heater Hoses                                  
            V8 Fuel Lines (LT1)                              
            1 piece driveshaft                                 
            Aluminum driveshaft                           
            V8 Gauges                                         

            Limited Slip Differential with disc brakes

LS1 into a F-body '93 - '02   Parts needed:

         LS1 and V8 Transmission (none of the F-body
                V6 Transmissions will work behind the V8)
            V8 Front Suspension Crossmember       
                   (Each engine had different motor mount holes)
            V8 Heater Hoses                                  

    Will need '97 Corvette fuel rails or rails modified by Street and Performance
to hook up the stock lines or an external pressure regulator.

    Due to electronics changes from year to year and difference in V6 & V8 cars,
 it is impossible list all the different changes and mods that would be required
to be made to install the LS1 in a V6 or LT1 car.

    Mileage on a fuel injected engine is not the factor that it is on carbureted
engines.  The late model fuel injected engine is good for over 200,000 miles
because the fuel/air ratio is so precisely metered that the oil is not washed off 
cylinder walls during high load/low rpm and cold operations.  Therefore,
cylinder walls just dont wear out like they did with carburetion. This point
brought home with the LS1 which has a maximum allowable cylinder
overbore of only .010 for '98 and 0.030 for '99-'02 and
with the Cadillac Northstar which has no oversized pistons available for it.


          Accessory mounting brackets are different from early small blocks.
             None of the earlier brackets will fit the LT1.
           Corvette LT1s have the A/C compressor mounted high on the
             engines left side.                                                                              Picture
           F-Body LT1s have the A/C compressor mounted low on the
              engine's right side.
           Requires high pressure fuel pump, 42 PSI, and return fuel line.
           Computer must be reprogrammed to eliminate VATS feature or a
              VATS module with proper resistor must be added to the '93 - '95 LT1
              and a VATS simulator must be added to the '96 - '97 LT1.
           Can use 700R4, 4L60E, BWT5 and BWT56 transmissions.

        For details on swapping an LT1 into a '82 - '92 F-body click here


        Requires high pressure fuel pump, 58 PSI, and return fuel line.
            '97 - '98 Corvette LS1 has a pressure regulator and return line as
           part of the fuel rail while the Camaro LS1 has the pressure regulator
           in the tank and only the high pressure line going into the fuel rail.
         The Camaro LS1 can be modified by using the '97 - '98 Corvette
             fuel rail and pressure regulator or by adding an aftermarket inline
             pressure regulator.  A VSS is required for the engine to work properly.
             A VATS simulator
must be added for the computer to work.
         The LS1 4L60E, BWT56 and the '99 and newer truck Vortec V8 transmissions
            will work best with the LS1 engine, special flywheels are available
            from GM to mate earlier transmissions.

         The Corvette oil pan has side extensions which could pose a problem in an
            engine swap. Corvette / F-body Oil Pan


        GM makes a special flywheel and spacer for the use of earlier automatic
          transmissions and many unique parts for swapping the LS1 into earlier cars.

          Flywheel for earlier automatic            PN. 12551367
                required spacer                          PN. 12563532
                longer bolts                               PN. 12563533
          Flywheel for earlier manual                PN. 12561680 
          Transmission Fittings for inverted
                flare cooler lines.                        PN. 8637742
          EGR blockoff plug for manifold          PN. 12558346
          90 degree inlet duct                          PN. 25147210
          Truck Oil Pan                                   PN. 12558268
               Oil Pickup                                   PN. 12563961
          3 wire water temp sensor                  PN.
              (3rd wire for GM gauges)
          LS1 installation guide                        PN. 88959384
                LS1 header flanges                            PN. 12480130



       For more information see the specifications page

For details on swapping an LS1 into a G-body click  here


            Tuned port injection
                Mass Air Flow System used from '85 - '89
                 Speed Density System used from '90 - '92
            The angle of the two center intake manifold bolts on each side was
                  changed in the '87 and later manifolds.  '85 and '86 manifolds can be
                    used with the later heads and the '87 - '92 manifolds can be used on
                   the earlier heads by elongating the center manifold bolt holes.

   After multiple failures of Frame Rail mounted fuel pumps,
I prefer to use in tank pumps.  My pump of choice is the
Corvette pump (part# 25116164 and strainer # 25055455).

Shop Manual
        A factory shop manual for the engine you are installing should be
considered a necessity.  If you are installing a '97 Camaro engine but want to use
a '95 OBD1 computer, buy a '95 Camaro shop manual.  If you are installing the
same '97 engine in a street rod and want to use the '93 computer for the speed
density system, buy a '93 Camaro shop manual.  Genuine GM service manuals
are available from Helm at 1-800-782-4356 or online at

        BWT56  Trans Swap

            '93 - '97   T56  Will bolt up to any smallblock or bigblock Chevy '97 and earlier
            The flywheel fits only the one piece rear seal crankshaft
           Centerforce makes a flywheel for the T56 that bolts to
               the two piece rear seal crankshaft.
            Use of the small starter is required due to bellhousing shape
            Factory wire hookups include backup lights, VSS, CAGS and
              reverse lockout (none are required for proper operation of the trans)

     4L60E Swap

                Installing a 4L60E in your Project car is simple if your car has
              computer controlled fuel injection but can get complicated if you
                are running a carburetor.  The 4L60E requires a computer that can
              control the shift points, throttle position sensor, tach signal, coolant
              temperature sensor, VSS, and wiring harness, most of which is already
              there in a fuel injected car but will have to be added to a
              carbureted car.

Overdrive transmissions have provided the most significant gains in fuel
economy. Fuel injection gives good driveabilty but it is the overdrive that takes
advantage of the fuel injections ability to provide the proper air/fuel ratio at low
engine speeds and it is therefore the overdrive that is most responsible for the
good gas mileage.

     Electronic Cruise Control                                                 Picture

              The F-body cruise control unit has a long 68" throttle cable that gives good flexibility
               in finding a mounting place in even the most crowded engine compartments.
               The F-body cruise control gets its input from the engine computer so it can
               be easily added to an LT1 or LS1 powered project car.


        3rd generation F-body V8 automatic driveshaft is a direct replacement
            for the 4th Gen V6 2 piece driveshaft.

     Rear Axle

            93 & Newer will bolt into an '82 - '92 F-body but is
                3" wider requiring wheels with more backspacing