LT1 Engine in an '82 - '92 F-Body

   The LT1 engine will bolt into the 3rd Generation F-body with a little work to the right engine mount shell and crossmember.  The first item is to remove the mounts from the LT1 Block and the A/C compressor brace. [Pic 1]

    The air injection tube runs through the area where the engine mount will bolt and needs to be carefully rebent and moved forward of mount bolt boss.  If not using the air pump this tube can be removed.  [Pic 2]

    This shows the cut made to move the side in to clear the compressor and the brace used to prevent the sides of the shell from closing while hammering the side flat and closing the gap. [Pic 3]   The amount of material shown removed was slightly more than necessary.  Also, make sure to leave room around the bolt hole for the head of the bolt and a socket.

    Show is the 1/2" extension welded to the shell and the hole drilled for a bolt to be used to brace the rear of the compressor.  [Pics 4 & 5]

   Clearance for the compressor was made by heating the crossmember with a torch and beating it back with a large ballpeen hammer.  The indentation starts in front of the corner of the mount and is about 3" wide, 1 1/2" top to bottom and 3/4" deep at the outside edge.  [Pics 6 & 7].

    It's close but it works [Pic 8].

   A different way of mounting would be to use the Caprice right side engine mount that bolts to the engine and moving the frame mount farther back on the crossmember.  The Caprice mount part number is 10201937.

    The power steering lines for the F-body LT1 will be too short since the 4th Generation used rack and pinion steering.  P/S lines will have to be lengthened and the 3RD gen ends grafted on.  Check for a hydraulic repair shop in your local phone book under Hydraulic Equipment.

    The LT1 A/C lines will not work.  A search through a salvage yard should turn up some lines which exit the compressor at a usable angle.

    Any '82 - '92 F-body headers or manifolds will work with the LT1 as long as there is provision for two oxygen sensors.  Headers are highly recommended as the factory manifolds, both 3rd generation and LT1 are very restrictive.

    This section shows the modifications necessary if you want to use the stock Camaro or Caprice accessories and bracket.  These mods are not necessary if you use aftermarket brackets available from companies like March or Street & Performance or if you use the Corvette bracket and accessories.

updated: 8/27/00