updated: 2/5/05

Project Cars

Previous Installations by High Performance Salvage

'01 6.0L/4L80E in a '94 Suburban

Engine and trans from HPS
Installation and wiring by HPS
'95 dash installed to hold the '01 gauge cluster

'96 LT1/4L60E in a '96 S-10



'96 Formula LT11 / 4L60E
Installation and wiring by HPS

Installation Details

'99 Camaro LS1/4L60E in a 98 C1500


Engine and Transmission from HPS
Installation and wiring by HPS
More Photos


'00 Camaro LS1/T56 in a '95 Trans Am

Installation Details

Engine and Transmission from HPS
Installation and Wiring from HPS

'95 Cadillac Northstar in a '94 Camaro              

NStar.jpg (62960 bytes)engine_bay.jpg (62496 bytes)NStar.jpg (62960 bytes)                 

'90 Camaro V6 700R4
Accessory brackets, engine mounts, headers and wiring
Ultra Z Ram Air Hood and Airbox


'97 LT1 into a '95 Jeep Wrangler

Pa120001.jpg (59669 bytes)Pa120005.jpg (61187 bytes)Pa120002.jpg (60410 bytes)

Engine from HPS
Turbo 350 Transmission
Advance Adapters engine
and trans mounts and headers
Installation by HPS


'98 Camaro LS1/T56 in an '81 Malibu

malibu1.jpg (205333 bytes)   malibu2t.jpg (207861 bytes)  malibu3.jpg (238633 bytes)


Engine and Transmission from HPS
Installation and wiring by HPS
Stock accessories and brackets
Corvette Coil Covers
Details of the swap Click here

'85 Corvette engine in an '88 Suburban


truck.jpg (28105 bytes)  subl98.jpg (222156 bytes)

The wiring harness was modified by High Performance Salvage  using the
Suburban TBI wiring harness with the Corvette injector and sensor
wiring integrated into it. The Suburban water, air conditioning and power
steering pumps were used along with the stock brackets and fan. The alternator
was mounted on the Suburbans air pump bracket so the MAF sensor could
be run over the top of it to a '95 Camaro air filter box mounted on the core support.

Customer's Projects
Being built by their owners with parts from HPS

'00 LS1/Auto in a '90 Chevy C1500

Owned and Built my Mike Valentine
Engine and Transmission from HPS


'02 Camaro LS1/Auto in a '81 GMC

Owned and built by Jeff Smallen
Engine and Transmission
 cooling fans and fuel tank from HPS


Camaro LS1 in a 240Z


Owned and Built by Gary McPhail
4L60E Transmission from HPS

'96 Camaro LT1 in a '94 RX7


Owned and Built by Bill Hagan
Engine and Transmission from HPS
BWT56 Transmission
Conversion kit from Grannys Speed Shop
The complete conversion is chronicled at www.grannyspeedshop.com

'93 Camaro LT1 in a '67 Chevelle

clt1.jpg (231454 bytes)chevelle1.jpg (117074 bytes)  clt11.jpg (225309 bytes)

Car is now running
Owned and built by Leroy Ranger
Engine from HPS
700R4 Transmission
Stock accessories and brackets
Stock motor mounts, no frame modification needed
Paint and bodywork by Rangers Auto Customs in San Antonio

'97 Trans Am LT1 in a '57 Chevy

chevylt1.jpg (206504 bytes) lt1c2.jpg (256510 bytes) lt1c3.jpg (226082 bytes)

Still Under Construction
Owned and built by Aubrey Crouch
Engine from HPS
700R4 Transmission
Accessories, brackets, and wiring by Street & Performance

'01 Camaro LS1 in a '94 Chevy Truck

Owned and Built by Allen Nelson
'01 Camaro LS1/Auto
'01 Truck Accesories, Manifolds and wiring