JTR Motor Mounts
Sanderson ceramic coated S-10 headers
Dual high flow cats
Flowmaster single muffler - 2 inlets, 1 outlet

Finished engine compartment

Custom built aluminum radiator with Camaro fans.

  Custom condenser and trans cooler.

Trial fitting the LT1

Frame modified for A/C compressor clearance and
                               for room to run P/S hoses

Engine Compartment prepped for the new engine -
                              firewall and inner fenders painted body color,
                              front suspension rebuilt and framed painted black.

Prepping the engine

The 4.3 engine computer is being used in addition to the LT1 computer so the guages and ABS will function.  A truck that originally had the 2.2 4 cyl engine does not need the second computer.