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F - Body Parts '93 - '97

Updated 12/23/01                                                                                                                 F-Body     Corvette            

LT1 - Physical Dimensions                                          Custom Wiring Kits

        27 1/2"  Long from front of water pump to bell housing flange
24 3/4"  Wide measured to the outside of the stock exhaust manifolds
24"        Tall from bottom of oil pan to top of throttle body
        16"      from bottom of oil pan to bottom of exhaust ports
        525 lbs  with accessories

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Bellhousing Flange                                                               Picture

         V8's have a different bolt pattern than V6
         V8 pattern is the same 1955 - 1997

Flywheel V8                                                         

   153 tooth    12 3/4" diameter

Transmission   700R4

        93 Only, technically called 4L60(not to be confused with 4L60E)
        5 wire connector on the left side

Transmission Dimensions   4L60E/700R4                                 Picture

32 1/2" long    22 1/2" Bellhousing flange to Trans mount
        4L60E does not have a kickdown cable
        13 Wire connector on right side of Trans

Transmission Dimensions BW T56                                          Picture

32 1/2" long    25 1/2" Bellhousing flange to Trans mount
        Wiring hookups include backup lights, VSS, CAGS, and
           Reverse Lockout (none of the wiring hookups are necessary
                                    for proper transmission operation)
        Shifter is located on the Tailshaft 29" back from front of
            bellhousing flange

Transmission Gear Ratios                                      

1         2        3         4        5         6
T56        3.36      2.07    1.35    1.00    0.80     0.62    93 Only
T56       2.66     1.78    1.30    1.00   0.74     0.50   94 and later
T5         2.95     1.94    1.34    1.00   0.74
  4L60E    3.06     1.63    1.00    0.70

Driveshaft                                                                           Picture

        V8 Shaft is 1 piece    V6 is 2 piece    
        yoke is
1/4" shorter for V6 and automatic
42" long not including yoke
        V8 and V6 yokes are 27 spline  Same as Powerglide, TH350, and T-5
Rear Axle                                                            

65 1/2" wide hub to hub with discs on    4 3/4" pattern
11 1/2"  Rotor                 Single Piston Aluminum Caliper
       Ratios available      
2.73, 3.23, 3.42
28 Spline Axles
       Cars with TCS have a reluctor ring on each axle        
       Cars without TCS have one reluctor ring on the differential   Picture

Rack and Pinion                                                                  Picture

       58 1/2"
wide    14" between mounting holes

Brake Booster                                                                Picture

9" Diameter
       9" from front to the rear mounting points

Master Cylinder                                                               Picture

7" long    4 1/2" Tall    2 Brake lines on right side

Aluminum Wheels                                                           

16x8        6 3/4" Backspacing
17x9        7"   Backspacing

Steering Column                                                               Picture

       Tilt, Cruise, Turn signal, ignition switch
36 1/2" long    3/4" Double D shaft

Cooling Fans                                                                     Picture

       V8 cars have dual 
12" fans
       V6 cars have a single
16" fan    93 - 96
       '97 and later V6 got the dual fans like the V8


F-body Parts '98 - '02

LS1 - 305hp

       100 lbs. lighter than LT1
26" Bellhousing flange to crank pulley
28" Bellhousing flange to front of water pump
  25" Bottom oil pan to top of manifold
  12.5" Bellhousing flange to center of motor mount
15" Bottom of oil pan to bottom of exhaust ports
   26" Wide to outside of exhaust manifolds

T56 Transmission

       Different bolt pattern for bellhousing
        5 bolts in same place - 1 moved                              Picture
       Different transmission to bellhousing bolt pattern
       Trans input shaft is longer
       Now uses a hydraulic throwout bearing instead of
            slave cylinder / clutch fork for clutch release
       Flywheel 14"       168 Teeth

4L60E Transmission 

       4L60E has removable bellhousing


       Front Discs     12"
       Dual Piston aluminum calipers

Corvette Parts '84 - '87

F-Body     Corvette            

Transmission    700R4                                                         Picture

30" long     has 4 wire hookup on left side of Trans
        Corvette transmissions differ from all others in that they don't
        have provision for a transmission mount.   The Corvette has a
        large boss cast as part of the tailshaft where the torque arm bolts
        to provide a bridge type support between the Trans and rear end. 
        The Corvette tailshaft is 1" shorter than other 700R4's

Rear Axle                                                                             Picture

        All aluminum independent rear with positrac
        drum parking brakes incorporated into rear rotors
11 1/2" rotors        Single piston aluminum calipers
        Fiberglass leaf spring
2.59, 2.79, 3.07
        2 Models    36(
7.875" ring gear)    44(8.5" ring gear)
        Model 36 was used behind automatics
        Model 44 behind manual transmissions
62" wide hub to hub with discs on
37 1/4" between batwing mounting bolts
44 1/2" between trailing arm mounting bracket bolts

Front Suspension                          Suspension Conversion Kits  Picture

        Aluminum control arms and spindles
        Fiberglass leaf spring
11 1/2" rotors    single piston aluminum calipers
Steering Column                                                                      Picture

        Tilt, Telescoping, Cruise, Turn Signals, Ignition Switch
33" long    19.5mm Double D shaft

Brake Booster

        4" Thick        10" Diameter                                                 Picture
        Plastic Composition
Master Cylinder                                                                         Picture

        Aluminum with one or two reservoirs
        2 Brake lines for front brakes
        1 Line for back brakes


3rd Gen     - Third generation F-body '82 -'92
4th Gen     - Fourth generation F-body '93 - '01
C4            - Fourth generation Corvette '84 - '96
C5            - Fifth generation Corvette '97 - '01
F- Body     - The Camaro or Firebird
Y- Body     - The Corvette
ABS          - Anti Lock Brake System
ALDL         - Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
ASR          - Acceleration Slip Regulation
CAGS        - Computer Aided Gear Selection
cat        - Catalytic Converter
DTC          - Diagnostic Trouble Code
ECM          - Engine Control Module (also PCM)
ECT          - Engine Coolant Temperature
EGR          - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
IAC          - Idle Air Control
MAF         - Mass Air Flow
MAP         - Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAS          - Mass Airflow Sensor
OBD I        - On Board Diagnostics First Generation
OBD II       - On Board Diagnostics Second Generation
PCM          - Powertrain Control Module (also ECM)
PROM        - Programmable Read Only Memory
RPO          - Regular Production Option
TBI           - Throttle Body Injection
TCS           - Traction Control System
TPI           - Tuned Port Injection '85 - '92
TPS          - Throttle Position Sensor
VATS        - Vehicle Anti-Theft System
VIN          - Vehicle Identification Number
VSS          - Vehicle Speed Sensor