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       High Performance Salvage is dedicated to providing clean, high quality used late model parts to the builders of street rods, kit cars and to those who are upgrading to the latest in fuel injection technology.  HPS also serves the autobody industry with good clean body parts.

    HPS is owned and operated by Mark Whitley who has spent hundreds of hours in salvage yards looking for just the right parts for any of his many project cars he built in the '70s, late '80s, '90s and continues to build today.  Seeing how most yards destroyed many unique detail parts while removing the big ticket items, Mark would always vow to do things differently if he ever owned a salvage yard.  Well, that time has come.  HPS was officially born Jan. 2, 1998 when the incorporation papers were signed and sealed.  Feb. 1998 saw the arrival of the first cars to be dismantled... A '95 Trans Am and a '97 Ram Air Trans Am.  The first Corvette was purchased in Oct. '98, an '86 model rollover. 

    All cars that arrive to be dismantled are checked, started, driven when possible, then the engines, transmissions and interiors are removed and stored indoors to prevent deterioration.   All parts are removed by unbolting them.  No blue tip wrench removal.   Wires are unplugged at their connection.  All fluids are drained before the body is moved outside to prevent soil and stormwater contamination.  Nuts, bolts and screws are kept with the assemblies they came out of and assemblies are sold as a unit.   An example would be a Borg Warner T56 transmission.  Included would be the trans, bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder/reservoir setup, shifter, boot, trans mount and all the bolts.  Engines include accessories, brackets, starter, intake and exhaust manifolds, factory wiring harness, computer, intake elbow and mass airflow sensor. 

    HPS is located southeast of San Antonio, TX.  6.5 miles outside of Loop 410 just off Hwy 87 on a short stretch of road called Loop 106.  The salvage operation is in the gray metal building on the side road behind the owners gray mobile home.  Hours of operation vary as the owner attends auctions and delivers parts but can be reached anytime during business hours Mon - Sat at .  Always call before coming out to insure that someone will be there.    


Created: 11/7/98
Update:  5/21/00